All forms of composition including Film Scoring...

All music by Rick Baitz; all rights reserved.


Rick teaches Scoring to Picture at the Juilliard Extension Division.

This course introduces students to the fundamental skills for composing and producing music for visual media. Students examine the world of film music from a variety of viewpoints, from the dramatic and psychological to the stylistic and structural. Topics include spotting to picture, creating a musical composition based on image and story, and how to set up a scoring project in your Digital Audio Workstation. Over the course of the semester students compose cues to a diverse spectrum of media, from web episodes to short narrative, documentary, and dramatic, sci-fi, romantic and action/adventure. The final project involves scoring and recording the music to a longer-form excerpt, with the participation of one or more live players.


Rick celebrates 13 years as founding faculty of Vermont College of Fine Arts’ MFA in Music Composition:

As Chair of the Faculty from 2012-2016, Rick helped increase enrollment, bringing in top classical and jazz musicians from New York and other areas to perform student works, and instituting several concert series to serve students who focus on media scoring, songwriting, and those crossing between genres.  Rick remains a core faculty member.